Anyone hunting with a 9.3x62

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by john m, Jan 14, 2013.

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    [MENTION=5122]Fireflite[/MENTION] here is some CZ FS specific data 9.3x62 and re-loads - Graybeard Outdoors

    Hi dakota elk slayer,

    The lightest bullet I have used is 270 gr. However I have gotten good result using fed. 215 primers in a
    20" barrel. With a 250 gr. bullet in a 20" barrel, I would use a faster powder, H-4895, H-322, imr-4320,
    or rl-12. I have gotten high velosity with Blc-2. With 62.5 grs. of Blc-2, using a 286 gr. bullet I get
    2350 fps with a 20" barrel. With the CZ550 there is room to seat the bullet further out than 3.280.
    The barnes 250 gr. tsx is long and would work well, I'm going to try it next, also I like the swift 250 gr.
    swift bullet I'm also getting 2500 fps. apx. with 270 gr. speer bullet using 67 grs. of Blc-2.
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    Thank you Stug.

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