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    I bought this book of trade me a while back and with 2 months to kill i got stuck into it.
    All i can say is couldn't put it down till i finished.
    All that lurking around in the sounds and south island paid grand dividends there scribe.
    I thought you were fucking around fishing hunting topped of with a heap of sunbathing!
    I ended up really immersed with the story with the twists and turns to the finale.
    Out of interest was there any legend that that this story was loosley based on or just your fertile imagination!
    I have now read the three books that are different styles and really enjoyed them all.
    Cheers for the arm chair ride scribe!
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    Hi Andy, Glad you enjoyed the journey. It was great story to write and I have to say I was completely immersed in the story for over a year, I ate thought and dreamed this story.

    Living on the yacht as we were, I began to see NZ as a Seamen or a Whaler would in 1800.

    The story Andy is based on a young mans adventures in NZi his name was James Caddel. We have the bones of his story from the Sydney morning Gazette in 1800. He was captured by Maori off our Southern Coast and was the in only survivor of a Whaling, Sealing expedition.
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    IM bloody possible to put down one of his books once you start it !!
    There's only a few authors that can do that .

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