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    I recently obtained a 2.5x Burris scope on a rifle.

    Really nice little scope but I think someone has fiddled with the parallax - moving my head even a little bit results in 100mm+ apparent movement at 100m. Looking closely at the notches at the front the paint has also been knocked off... Bugga. Anyone know who in NZ can adjust this or have experience they can pass on as to how to do it?

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    You can do this on Leupold and many other scope brands - cant recall if you can with Burris or not: - If you look carefully you see that there is a half inch ring at the front of the scope.
    If you unscrew this lens shade off the front end (just try turning the front end - can often be stiff and difficult to do - I have used electricians tape to bulk up the ring piece so it can be held firmly) it will unscrew and come off. (Mind that you are only intending to take the front lens shade off - if you see the inside collar turning then hold it with something.)

    Then once that is off, if you have a look you can access the notches to turn an inside collar. Stick a bread knife or something thin across both of them and turn it. It can be stiff but it will turn. Don't unscrew the whole thing out that will de-gas your scope. First just give it a half or quarter turn either way and then check each time whether your parallax discrepancy gets better or worse, keep moving it till you have got it reduced as much as you can tell.
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